Its Release From Paradise To The Seven Superuniverses of Time
Dated: January, 21 2015

Why Is The Study of ULTIMATONS Important?



Ultimatons behave like humans sometimes. If we had a tape of ULTIMATON activities as seen on a television drama, we would see an ordered village of concentrates of matter known as the elements, as they spread on out on the atomic chart before our eyes. However, there are other types of pre-particle builders too such as the now famous Higgs Boson, that is in reality, not an Ultimaton, but a fancy sounding character like JR in Dallas, big and brutal to Ultimatonic Sub-particles which it likes to dominate and push around. The Glyeon is the biggest of these particle builders, and ranks as the worst in size because of its nature of any pre-particle builder in the Master Universe. If the life of these elemental sparks were a social drama, the Boson would be called the heavy, for it is the heaviest of all three types of elemental particles known as Ultimatons, Glyeons, and Tricathorides. The Ultimaton is next heaviest after the Boson, and followed by the Tricathoride particle, which is the lightest and smallest of these three sub-particle-builder classifications.

Tricathorides and Glyeons are never revealed to the universe of small planets like Urantia except when circumstances are so wretched on the planet that a complete clearing of old information should proceed before the Ultimaton is introduced to such a planet.  Glyeons are sub-particle builders for huge enterprises such as an entire Aura Borealis which contains trillions of Bosons and Di-Cathorides (one of many types of Tricathoride that add the color orange to the aurora), a form of colorized ionic condensation not seen on normal planets.  Other classifications of Glyeons (the classification for Bosons), are not revealed to planets at all because they never appear outside of the divine universe of Havona and Paradise.

Tricathoride sub-particle builders are never found inside atmospheres except those that had nuclear explosions go off in them. Urantia has had so many nuclear tests, that the Tricathoride category of pre-particle elemental sparks of energy has appeared and fostered many a rainbow and quark-infested hail storm on the Great Plains of the United States. Tri-Decalontitrates form shallow heaps of weathered rock piles on Urantia, and are the cause for loading many Urantia hill sides with dangerous rock conditions resulting in rock slides that can bury whole towns. This happens when nuclear testing hides itself underground, and the radiation seeps up into hillsides far distant from the underground testing site. Tectonic plate shifting will eventually correct this weakness in many towns and countries around the globe once nuclear testing of any kind stops.

Our Paper here though concerns itself with Ultimatons, the true pre-particle existence so small, that one trillion of the Ultimatons could be placed on a Sodium atom and there would be room enough left over to add another five billion of them.

Let us look at the principles of why Ultimatons exist and how they behave. We shall list them as follows:

  • 1- No one in the universe could build a single material object without them.

  • 2- The universe is one large caldron of floating Ultimatons waiting to become matter.

  • 3- Ultimatons weigh nothing, but when clumped together, they have mass and become charged.

  • 4- Ultimatons carry no gravity, heed no attraction to gravity, or do they wish they could use gravity as they float in their own space they created.

  • 5- Ultimatons are dirty, or clean, or neutral, depending on what period of development they are in to become viable candidates for matter building.

  • 6- Ultimatons are not easy to discern as they must always be part of something else before they can be counted or sorted to type.

  • 7- Ultimatons use nothing else but themselves to form Sub-particles ;which are the bits and pieces used to build an atom.

  • 8- No atom can form without using Ultimatons to build the electrons, neutrons, protons, and so on, that make the different material elements common to most planets and stars in the universe.

  • 9- Ultimatons never stray from their path chosen for them by the Chief of the Master Architects which refer, in turn, to the Father’s will to direct them to their material destiny.

  • 10- Ultimatons carry no charge, yet they develop a charge when made a sub-particle in most cases; however, a charge of neutral is not natural to Ultimatons. A neutral particle such as a neutron is composed of multiple kinds of charges that are balanced out to a zero point charge in order to provide weight to an atom of an especially large atom such as strontium 190.

  • 11- Ultimatons are the secret of zero point energy, or free energy as energy buffs refer to the concept. They can and do make machines work without the need to ever refuel the machine again and seemingly draw electricity out of thin air to perpetually run machines.

  • The 11 principle descriptions noted above should have additional elaboration, and the additional elaboration may be found, for the most part in the earlier Papers issued on the BCC List. We may, however, add these few additional notes to ensure readers and students understand the nature of these critical building blocks of energy. Ultimatons are the God Particle science thinks they know about, but have not quite elucidated its design well enough to separate it out of the other kinds of matter they have found or predict.

    Next, we now show some data which describes how an ULTIMATON may be found in the universe before it becomes a welcome mat for those who think they can build machines using them as the fuel to provide endless amounts of work with no additional fuel necessary.

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    Ultimatons As Energy Factories


  • 1- Ultimatons do the work of trillions of hours of sweat and toil by merely floating into a confined space and to use them as energizers when they are forced to leap about in a way that qualifies their energy constructions to emit quanta. Quanta, for those who are new to the language of science, is an emission of a discrete amount of energy when one state of matter changes to another state of matter. ULTIMATONS emit quanta when excited by heating them up and this is the principle used in most free energy devices that actually work. We depend on quanta to be available when exciting Ultimatons to the point they bump into each other, change state, and emit quanta at a prodigious rate into a storage device, a battery or other device.

  • 2- Ultimatons wear no clothing; that is, their space transport shields have been stripped from them and they are appearing for the first time Lead Acid Bettery without their cloaking devices on their shells. Such Ultimatons in Stage 3 illustrated further down are forced to emit quanta with ample latitude to change states which they do almost impulsively because of differing temperature gradients which can be induced by supplying heat artificially. This temperature fluctuation simplifies the way they can produce energy without forcing themselves into a situation known as chemical emulsions or ionization. An example of this is to see how the car battery works and how it exchanges lead and zinc atoms for ions of sulphur and hydrogen which conduct electricity much more efficiently than as H2 or S4. Ions are modified atoms that take off or gain electrons and protons in their new forms because of chemical emulsive behavior that forces them out of their original elemental atoms..

  • In the lead acid battery diagram at the left all elements that are shown below the two poles ( - and +) are ions of hydrogen and sulphur from the reaction of sulphuric acid with lead in what is called a voltaic battery. The acid with the lead forms a water-based emulsion which reacts with the lead causing the ionization of the metal. Consequently, the sulphur, and the water from the acid, form the ions identified in the drawing. The emulsion with the ions in it, release heavy water (O3 and sometimes O4) to move through the battery to release themselves as ionic precipitates which in turn break into individual ions of sulphur and hydrogen.

    Another example of an ion is table salt (NaCl) which when added to water forms NaCl + H2O -------------> Na+( ion) + Cl- ( ion) + H2O, plus many other weaker ions not shown here. Please note that such a weak OH (hydroxide which is a metallic base)) is known to isolate Ultimatons easily. Industry would be wise to experiment with NaCl to obtain solutions which remove ionic precipitates before they wash products to remove the oils that contaminate an otherwise excellent surface for fabricating metals for the additional step of hydrolyzed bonding of other substances to the product.

    The ULTIMATON machine has an electric storage battery that allows electrons to form and be stored without the use of any plates or chemicals and must be maintained by the constant operation of the muon chain reactive forces to continue.


  • 3- Ultimatons wear no protective gear when attracted to other Ultimatons, and it is this attraction between Ultimatons which is one example of what will require Ultimatons-become muons to release quanta in the process of changing states from ULTIMATON to muon and back. While emitting quanta, the Ultimatons in the muon chain process have no shell or transport cover and isolate themselves into groups that appear like bubbles in which they rotate in constant motion as they await conversion. A Type Four ULTIMATON demonstrates this in the illustration of ULTIMATON types below.

  • 4- Ultimatons never hear other Ultimatons unless another ULTIMATON is under attack for being “too ripe” for “mating” with another ULTIMATON. Ultimatons will reveal their calling as destiny when one of their number becomes too heavy to be used in normal ULTIMATON usages. When this happens, surrounding Ultimatons dispense with the normal courtesy of keeping their distance and clump around the too-heavy ULTIMATON to save it for Trinity discharge back to Havona Space. If an ULTIMATON is over ripe– too heavy or something otherwise is wrong with it— that means it also carries an unknown type of charge which is neither negative or positive, but a mysterious third discharge known on Paradise as ULTIMATA. When an ULTIMATON begins emitting ULTIMATA, it must be relieved of duty as an ULTIMATON. The misbegotten ULTIMATON is then banished by a Paradise Trinity decree and is returned back to the divine central universe from which it was earlier ejected. The ejection process for all Ultimatons of a certain class (electron and other particle forming Ultimatons) is shown in an illustration later on in the Paper.

  • 5- Ultimatons carry ten different charges when mated with other Ultimatons. We list what we can here:
    • 1) Positive
    • 2) Negative
    • 3) Neutral (not a charge but a state to be recognized in later appearing matter)
    • 4) Ultimata ( a discharge rather than a charge made to balance electrical properties in an atom)
    • 5) Five through Ten are restricted to Havona only and are not revealable to time.


  • 6- Ultimatons carry ten different spins that are equal to the diameter of the stem which protrudes beneath the collar of the energy shield. We have not been able to show this in a drawing because the stem is lower down in the case with the rods above it, and it is not visible for dissection. The ULTIMATON spins around the stem when it is extended, and speeds itself according to the diameter of the stem extended outward from its energy shield casing. The electron-forming ULTIMATON spins at slightly less than 1 billion RPM, and is known to get itself caught in other Ultimatons because of its rapid movement to bond (i.e. extend a string to another ) Papers in the past show what looks like a rolling pin slightly bent on its central axis. The rolling pin shape and top handle is not unlike the top of an ULTIMATON with its stem extended. This is a valid description of how Ultimatons would look like if they could be seen. We presume that the Creator Sons on up to other Paradise Sons can view the ULTIMATON, because Creator Sons use the ULTIMATON to build their architectural spheres such as the headquarter world in Nebadon known as Salvington which is constructed of materials with Ultimatons in them. Much of what can be described as to shape and behavior comes from these higher sources of information for which we are grateful for its use and standardization of description for this Paper. We add that the electron-forming ULTIMATON is about midway between the lowest axial spin and the highest spin rate observed.


  • 7- Ultimatons never leave home space unless they are directed to move somewhere else. Large space drifts as explained in the Urantia Book are totally ignorant of their status as they remain inert for the most part while waiting. These ULTIMATON drifts in space represent the bedding the Universal Father has allowed in place to keep Ultimatons in deep space reserves until they are need elsewhere. The Creator Sons can and do requisition Ultimatons to build their architectural worlds as did Michael when the complex of planets known as Jerusem, Edentia , and UMinor the Third of the minor sector of the galactic schools of Ensa.


  • 8- Ultimatons cling to each other when they wrap all 100 strings they each carry inside their transport shells to ninety-nine other Ultimatons. One string remains deployed that is not wrapped to any other ULTIMATON or particle, but is used to escape the clump if necessary. These strings are responsible for the spin in certain bonding situations. Because the strings are of different lengths the strings determine the velocity at which the ULTIMATON can hold itself with others without exploding outward and away from other bonding Ultimatons. We restate this use of 100 Ultimatons with each containing 100 strings is for the building of electrons and protons and all other Sub-particles have a differently constructed ULTIMATON that forms them.

  • 9- Ultimatons are responsive to gravity once they are clumped together, and the secret of not being subject to linear gravity is when they revert to an individual ULTIMATON. If one string is deployed, it is as a mated pair that allows other Ultimatons to clump with the mated pair to eventually form mass as a sub-particle. If each ULTIMATON has deployed all strings but one to clump with ninety-nine other Ultimatons, an electron is formed. If only ninety-nine total Ultimatons bone the result is a muon. This is why a muon looks like an electron but is so much heavier and acts more like a neutron or a proton when it combines with other Sub-particles in the nucleus of an atom.

  • 10-Ultimatons never leave space unless they are called to return to Paradise-Havona. Normally, an ULTIMATON will not be able to back track to its origins, but in special cases, and one is noted above as the “too ripe” ULTIMATON (See Item 4 above), they are turned outwardly into deep space and boomerang back to Havona via the technique called Transport Fermulation. Transport Fermulation is a term that requires some study in the minor sector of schools of Ensa dedicated to the understanding of how matter is controlled by Deity, and it starts with the Ultimatons and how they get re-patriated to Havona if they need to go back either for repair or for some other special duty hardly ever revealed on the worlds of time. The term is named after the use of the element of iron that has special properties that allows the Deities to attach a free ULTIMATON to its web-like atom, and thereby force that atom back to the edge of Havona where it gets absorbed in the spectra of light that is special to Havona.

  • 11-Ultimatons give back more energy than the energy input required to produce quanta. This makes the use of Ultimatons an energy efficient technology that is totally and consistently renewable so long as the Ultimatons are not propagated off the muon chains by chance contaminated with molecular air such as vapor from sweat glands of humans standing nearby or air that is heated with convective fans.

  • 12-ULTIMATONS never feed energy directly to a storage device, but they must work through the lattice work of muons called a chain to produce sufficient energy to be useable in wholesale areas of industry, transport, and other material considerations on a world entering light and life. Muon chains are natural on a world like Urantia which has exploded so many nuclear devices that the ground it is built with exudes so many muons there is scant need for electric generators if science could ever figure out how to make muon chains that are virtually unbreakable.

  • 13-ULTIMATONS do not decrease speed when approaching star systems in the drift in space they have become part of. Rather, ULTIMATONS “hop” over areas of heavy linear gravity presence. They do this by deploying a particle (no valance) that attaches itself to the ULTIMATON, burrowing just under the transport energy shield, and lodging itself at the back of the ULTIMATON’s shape, and ultimately becomes a vector producing attachment, much like a rudder on a ship, to move the ULTIMATON to where it needs to go. In the process we outline further below, we indicated this attachment using the name of “Bi-flex Fibulator”– a wholly made up name because we are not permitted to reveal the proper name of the particle just yet on Urantia.

  • 14-ULTIMATONS reek of thought. ULTIMATONS are as close to a thought wave as one can get without it being an actual thought wave from the mind of Deity. They are akin to thought, and as such, they are not part of the energy system of the time-space universe. They must be viewed as thought, and when spoken to , not any words, but by thought-intention, they can “hear” good intentions or bad intentions just as the Father judges a prayer or a thought concerning others on this world. They are aware of awesome possibilities for Urantia, but are cautious to form partnerships with other forces without being cleared by the Paradise Trinity to allow them to do so. Even persons are evaluated by the Trinity justice personnel, if they are to be considered to be worthy to work with ULTIMATONS for developing devices that benefit mankind.

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    ULTIMATONS As The Harlequins of Space


  • 1- What is a Harlequin? In your literature, it is an individual dressed half in black and half in white, as though a human comes in two parts. One part is good, one part is less than good, and the third part is the head which always wears a fool’s cap with little jingly bells attached that rattle pleasantly when he or she laughs the hardest. ULTIMATONS never are quite what they seem to be either until they join forces with the Unqualified Absolute to find a spot in the universe to become, what is for the ULTIMATON, its material destiny.

  • 2- ULTIMATONS can become quite defensive with what or with whom they associate with. On normal worlds (Urantia is not a normal world), ULTIMATONS flock to become useful to power gadgets and utilities far beyond what is seen on Urantia today. But at the root of all ULTIMATONS is the desire to be of service to the people of a given Galaxy or even an individual System or Planet. On Urantia, the ULTIMATONS exist in huge numbers, but they do not participate with the culture or civilizations on Urantia because of their death ray possibilities. Using the power of ULTIMATONS, an entire planet could be destroyed with one pulse of an ULTIMATONic Ray Gun, and therefore, and especially because, science on Urantia has developed a minimum ability to use rockets and space travel, ULTIMATONS have not joined in with scientific advances that use them. ULTIMATONS never leave the Creator of choice, the Universal First Source and Center, until they have acclimated to the uses they are to be put to on a planet. For Urantia, this will initially be a machine made for ULTIMATONS that produces drinkable water that is as pure and tasty as is possible to make water taste.

  • 3- ULTIMATONS bear the heat of creation in their glowing blue plasma rods, two each per ULTIMATON, in which they carry the thought of the Creator of All, and these rods bear the resemblance of a fire burning down to its last embers of heat and thrust for propulsion here and there as bid by the Creator of All. In this scene we depict some interest for all to consider. Each ULTIMATON bears the stamp of its Creator by slowing its pulse to the rhythm of its natural frequency whereby it can drift endlessly in deep space until the Creator lends a thought to move it to another part of the universe. Sleep to humans is natural, and sleep to ULTIMATONS is natural for them too, as they can control their vibrational frequency from almost nothing to an almost unbelievable seven (7) million revolutions per second of Urantia time.

  • 4- ULTIMATONS do not bear much heat when used, but when they arrive finally into time-space, they are a degree or two below or at the electronic boiling point of matter which is estimated to be thirty-five million degrees Fahrenheit (35,000,000 F). At such a temperature, it is not possible to send ULTIMATONS out into the space drifts because they would melt the transport shields off the other ULTIMATONS. Cooling must first take place before an ULTIMATON is released into space on the nether side of the existing Superuniverse headquarter worlds where they are first dispatched to be cooled.

  • 5- ULTIMATONS bear no resemblance to the drawing of ULTIMATONS provided in this Paper until they are cooled or before they enter timespace.



  • 6- ULTIMATONS bear no resemblance to their initial existence in Havona Space as dispatched from nether Paradise where they are pushed out by the Unqualified Absolute, then meander in Havona until the Paradise Trinity pulls them into upper Paradise, stamps them with their Space Identification procedures and sends them out through Havona Space once again to fight their way into those levels of space beyond Havona. All of this is next shown in explanations as to how Paradise sends ULTIMATONS into the Superuniverse level for use in the building of the material universe.

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    ULTIMATONS as They May Appear Before Final Emersion into Time-Space

    Ultimaton Stage 2



    As shown in Stage 2, the ULTIMATON is leaving Havona Space and is entering the Space Attribution Area for identification and re-spiraling of its web-like transport shield.




    Ultimaton Stage 3



    As shown in Stage 3, the ULTIMATONS is preparing to leave the Space Identification Area to enter the Holloway transfer area





    Ultimaton Stage 2


    As shown in Stage 4, the ULTIMATON is prepared for entering the space drifts around dark holes and other very cold areas for digestion into the time-space areas for materialization of particles to build atoms and other fascinating developments that use ULTIMATONS to build the universe.


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    ULTIMATONS as They May Appear Before Final Emersion into Time-Space


    In the preceding pages we have highlighted terms in red that we believe need emphasis and further explanation. We therefore have elected to produce a list below to better clarify what we mean when certain and unfamiliar terms are used. The following terms are used frequently by spirit to describe the process by which the ULTIMATONS dispensation process is
    1) its secret nature and its confinement of knowledge to the Central Universe; and,
    2) because Urantia is known to misuse information in a way that is not only dangerous to Urantia, but to the local universe to which it belongs.

    This Glossary is meant to show meanings of terms that describe the process of ULTIMATONic Dispensation from Nether Paradise to their ultimate use in time-space where they become the building blocks of all matter and all energy usages in space. We begin, however, with an admonition to those who seek knowledge of the ULTIMATONS for energy purposes. That admonition is contained in several Papers we have published over the past two years, and it is as valid today as it was when we first published our concerns. The consequences of using ill-gotten gains by converting what may be disclosed here to actual applications before such is authorized is to make everyone aware of the possible unintended consequences falling on those who pride themselves that they have the wisdom to wait until it is taught how to handle this energy. The energy of an ULTIMATONS is potent.

    Neither Paradise is a place, and the Unqualified Absolute is an intelligent Force located at the center point of that place, and such a Force is of an infinite magnitude that is far beyond any description we may offer. Our intention for this Paper has several purposes, and one is to show how, in some small detail, the Unqualified Absolute proposes is always in tune with the purposes of the Paradise Trinity which beholds the Unqualified Absolute as its primary force organizer and builder. We lay before the reader that while ULTIMATONS recirculated in time and space, they are born in the heart of the intelligent action of the Nether Force we call the Unqualified Absolute whose existence is without time and without space. The name of this entity of force and power which generates all the material energy everywhere is the Unqualified Absolute and it is this Force Entity that provides the material platforms of planets and other space bodies that all of us, including spirit, live and work on throughout The Master Universe.

    While we do not hesitate to use words that are found in the Urantia Book, we do not always subscribe to the definitions that text book provided the student back in 1955. We say this because we have to describe the HAVONA SPACE level as something more than received in the text book since Havona actually begins at right angles to the center wall of the Isle of Paradise and continues outwardly to just before the Superuniverse Level where we meet the SPACE ZONE OF ATTRIBUTION, where specialized space bodies exist and where unusual space particles arrive to classify ULTIMATONS as to their right to travel to time.

    Students have been taught that the HAVONA SPACE ZONE ends at the large and circulating bodies of massive proportions that circle the Havona space area, and that nothing passes outside of these gravity control bodies except Supernaphim and other high-type angelic personalities on their way to the Havona area. But there are details missing in the 1955 revelation that need to be addressed so that the creation may be better known on Urantia which lies in the time plane some 400 billion, billion, light years from the fringes of Havona that is located farthest from Paradise.

    The SPACE ZONE OF ATTRIBUTION is so named because it is and acts like a small space rim around outer Havona that is designed to identify those who pass into it. It identifies not only spirit and mind, it also weeds out ULTIMATONS that got into it by some misplacement of identification as the ULTIMATON rode out of Havona toward the time-space zone.

    Now that the reader knows what The SPACE ZONE OF ATTRIBUTION is, we wish to define it further below as we describe its use in passing judgement on ULTIMATONS that failed to obtain the Trinity Embrace where SPACE IDENTIFICATION is added to the ULTIMATON so that it may pass through The SPACE ZONE OF ATTRIBUTION.

    All things (material and otherwise), beings, spirits, minded entities of unrevealed origins, and high messengers, and many other categories unknown to the student, must receive SPACE IDENTIFICATION passports to travel here and there between levels and sectors of this vast creation man calls a universe.

    SPACE IDENTIFICATION is a badge worn like a security clearance somewhere displayed on the mind or form of spirit or even on matter of some sort, and extended to pre-matter that passes through, and to some extent, even the Father Fragments. The Father Fragments known to many students of the Urantia text are also known to them as Thought Adjusters, and who may seek to apply for, or otherwise receive, this rite-of-passage between sectors of time and space and other unknown regions of space that are not yet identified for the student. Without the SPACE IDENTIFICATION passport and security clearance attached, this SPACE IDENTIFICATION zone separates those without into two groups that confines them temporarily to this zone.

    The First Group it separates out are those who arrive from the areas of time and space that may not go into Havona Space or may they receive information from Havona unless cleared by the Activators of the Space Identification area. The scribe who takes these revelations and messages from the Master Spirits One, Three, Five and Seven, has to have received SPACE IDENTIFICATION added to his mind areas that have contact with these superb spirits so identified.

    The Second Group that is separated out are the different forms of matter and pre-matter that have to be released either back to Havona or allowed to continue on into the Superuniverse Space area, as it is a two-way processing area into and out of Havona. This releasing of those held back is done by a request made by Master Spirit Numbers Four and Seven to the Universal Father through the Conjoint Actor, to release those ULTIMATONS who must be repatriated to Havona and those ULTIMATONS which must be allowed to continue on into the Superuniverse space areas.

    When the Father accedes to the request from Master Spirits Four and Seven, an interesting event occurs inside the object that has been held back in the SPACE IDENTIFICATION zone. Inside the retained ULTIMATON, one of the blue glowing Plasma Rods become excited and upon motion, their appears a small pink dot of red plasma that adheres to one of the rods of the ULTIMATON in question. This little red plasma dot accedes to the Paradise Trinity and accepts its SPACE IDENTIFICATION there and then and the area that held it back releases it into time space to join its fellows already approved. Some ULTIMATONS carry privileges not extended to other ULTIMATONS, and it is these that receive the red dot on one of the blue Plasma Rods in their interior construction, which is an admission that some priority exists for that ULTIMATON to get to space.

    SPACE IDENTIFICATION is never good enough to tell apart the special usages of anything passing through its zone of work. The Father knows who is what and which is which by identifying its species or its intent, but ULTIMATONS are not so easy to identify. We know that ULTIMATONS have within their transport casing two rods of glowing plasma that are either blue or red rods. Why red? It is not known even to the higher spirits of the Infinite Spirit why ULTIMATONS have this variation, but they do.

    We can safely say that those with red Plasma Rods are never meant for space regions outside of Havona, but that if they get caught in the SPACE IDENTIFICATION zone and are held back, there is an immediate response from the Paradise Trinity to pull them back into Havona by providing them with SPACE IDENTIFICATION. Those with blue rods are destined to be a part of matter in those space regions with time and even Ultimacy. We doubt that the blue rod ULTIMATONS will be used in great numbers in the Absolute regions of space to be dominated by the Ultimate-Absolute, and the remaining ABSOLUTES OF INFINITY - a term we will define later on in this Paper.

    Red-rod ULTIMATONS and blue rod ULTIMATONS have no destiny apart from space, but the red rod ULTIMATONS may depart for time-space if requested by the Universal Father that they should be appended to the insides of certain blue rod ULTIMATONS. The reasons for this to happen are so obscure we may not further elucidate the principle without getting into revelation that is too far out for the human mind to comprehend well or at all.

    The SPACE IDENTIFICATION zone helps to determine which blue rodded ULTIMATONS will eventually receive an introduction into their shells the red rodded ULTIMATONS, but no one knows the purpose of this extraordinary combination of pre-matter and what purpose it serves in the less complex time-space zone.

    These BALL-LIKE STRUCTURES are found only in Havona, and they exist only to portray a structure in which the ULTIMATONS cluster on their way to the time-space for their work either to become sub-atomic particles or become other space energies unknown to the student.

    BALL-LIKE STRUCTURES are ancient academies of thought supplied by the Infinite Spirit. Hardly anything is known in the universe of Nebadon about THOUGHT PARTICLES, but this is what the BALL-LIKE STRUCTURES are. They are supplied from the Infinite Spirit to accompany the ULTIMATONS to their release outside Havona, and as such, they dissipate once the ULTIMATONS empty out the structure that brought them through Havona.

    These balls containing of trillions of ULTIMATONS are really ball-like curls in the force vector of space the Unqualified Absolute originally sent out from nether Paradise with the conditioning by the Deity Absolute contained within the BALL-LIKE STRUCTURES. There are trillions of balls in line and in each ball are trillions of ULTIMATONS, and the BALL-LIKE STRUCTURES follow each other in linear progression from the Trinity out to the outer edges to the Havona Space Zone where they meet up with the great gravity bodies encircling Havona. The BALL-LIKE collection of ULTIMATONS is known to be about two kilometers in circumference and about 1 and ½ kilometers high. The balls line up like box cars behind a train and there is only one track out ofParadise to the nether regions of outer space forming the edge of the Superuniverse space sector. There is only one entry point into time-space and that is 180 degrees opposite the north extension of Paradise or to put it in terms of space features, the point where Superuniverse Seven is now traversing is the first recipient of ULTIMATONS. That selects Orvonton as the current superuniverse to come under the spigot of flowing ULTIMATONS into time space. Other Superuniverses receive ULTIMATONS out of Paradise when they traverse the same area of space Orvonton does today, and in turn they will distribute to the other Superuniverses what ULTIMATONS are being distributed then to them.

    We stop momentarily to address the sense of what we are dealing with in these ball-like collections of ULTIMATONS. They are PRE-REALITY. They are PRE-MATTER. They carry forces unknown on Urantia, and they carry lethal discharges of gamma rays and other damaging rays Urantia has yet to discover. These are pre-material realities, yet they behave like material objects do on Urantia in their organization of linear motion as they travel to their end of Havona and are prepared for new space in time. Only God can “see” what is described here. Only the Master Force Organizers know of the reality of the depot where new ULTIMATONS come into time. They do not wait for them to off load from Havona, but they can count the transport balls of the collection of ULTIMATONS as they transfer their space like wombs for the energetic glow of blue plasma as they are ejected into time.

    Our use of time is singularly difficult for you to understand because we see time like it is a plastic wrap. It covers everything outside of Havona, and it doubles back on itself underneath the Superuniverses like it is still on its dispensing roll. Recall that time itself is an endowment and that plastic wrap description is how we see time enveloping all that is designated as the Superuniverses of time. Our use of time is so varied we must be caring that you the reader understand that we have a variable input into it. We do not trouble material developments as such, but we do breathe what energies we control away from, or into, the Master Universe including the four outer space zones, and the fifth or Quatrain Universe Levels designated as Number Five and beyond. I am AYA and I am the Seventh Master Spirit to designate these papers as vital to your understanding of matter and to some extent, time.

    What pushes the entire force vector field into time-space with these multiple ball-like organizations , is a little known space mechanism called a “Space Extender”. The Space Extender is used to promote a motion of space (of space, not in space). The Space Extender is a force of its own and is not revealed beyond my (Rayson) words here.

    As the Space Extender performs its work of pressing the force vector field out over the Havona Space Zone, into Quiescent Space, and then into time-space (Superuniverse level), is the Space Extender. The Space Extender presses the ULTIMATONS as described through the quiescent space zone and forces them to become settled in the time-space zone (the Superuniverse level) revealing their blue glowing rods of the divine plasma of the Father’s will.

    Along with the Space Extender, there abides another little known energy unit called the Keeper Syndrome. The "Keeper Syndrome" is not electrical and it is not spatial, but it does have a valence of minus one. The Keeper Syndrome moves the ULTIMATONS with its transport shield from Havona to time-space by pressing on the tail of the ULTIMATON so hard it "squirts" forward in little leaps with a small rest, and leaps forward again like a rabbit taking a casual walk.


    The Superuniverse level of space contains no ULTIMATONS that can make use of the newly arrived ULTIMATONS. The universe forces so designed new ULTIMATONS just arrived in time to be unable to “mate” with older ULTIMATONS and only new ULTIMATONS can be used for what they need to do to begin to form new matter. When I (Rayson) use the term “mate” I am referring to one ULTIMATON extending its string to another ULTIMATON. New ULTIMATONS just do not allow any other string to touch them yet in this new condition of arrival except those which traveled with them in the ball of ULTIMATONS just arrived.

    The new ULTIMATONS which have just arrived in the time space zone must first separate from the ball-like cluster it came in with, and the ULTIMATONS in the front (those facing new space) then extend one string, just one, to the next ULTIMATON beside it, and together they wrap each other with their longest string and tumble out of the ball. This tumble action is called “STRING THEORY” up here in space among our Star Students. We add that those ULTIMATONS in front are aware of spatial relationship, 1) to their relationship to inside space itself; 2) and spatial placement to each other. When two ULTIMATONS eject themselves from the ball in the front of the spheroid, two more take their place and do the same thing until the ball is emptied. One ball of transport shielded ULTIMATONS contains untold trillions of ULTIMATONS, and the whole process takes, literally, seconds to empty itself once in time space.

    When the two ULTIMATONS tumble out of the ball-like cluster they arrived in with one string each wrapped around the rod of the other ULTIMATON, they are using a QUANTUM LEAP. The pair holds all the energies the other ULTIMATONS need to build the particle they are designed to do.

    When the QUANTUM LEAP PAIR is safely bonded, they spring up in space with an upward tumble and land in a star stream of vector energy which you on earth have no word for. This push up is the result of another force unknown on Urantia which takes ULTIMATONS already pair bonded and tosses them up many thousands of feet from where they started and presses them into a stream of energy that moves out into time space. This is to free them from the ball like structure they arrived in where get to be separated and independent paired ULTIMATONS.

    In an electron, it takes 100 ULTIMATONS to form the electron. Take one ULTIMATON away leaving 99 to form a particle, it becomes a MUON. In the latest Flurry, the Censor called the loss of two ULTIMATONS that form a 98 ULTIMATON particle, a Muon 2. We wish to correct this by calling the 98 ULTIMATON particle a MESOTRON. A Mesotron contains 98 ULTIMATONS, a Muon contains 99 ULTIMATONS, and an Electron contains 100 ULTIMATONS.

    ULTIMATONS with two rods and glow blue are electron-types and with three rods that glow blue are in Havona to build the triune variation of elements found in the time-space material universes science discovers. Why do we go into this kind of detail? Let us consider this:

    ULTIMATONS never hear another ULTIMATON complain about a draft they feel when one of the ULTIMATONS departs the structure they form to make the particle in use at that time. Rather, one ULTIMATON tells the other that one ULTIMATON is leaving by “beeping” about it, and all other ULTIMATONS involved in that sub-particle structure know they are having one of their partners leave the sub-particle. Therefore, the beeping of one ULTIMATON is heard by the rest of them, and nearby other Sub-particles that may surround the present sub-particle losing an ULTIMATONS also hear it and know what is happening.

    That means all the ULTIMATONS in a large area of space learn that an electron is about to become a muon, and that muon then must speed away from being attacked by protons who wish to convert it back to an electron. We do not discuss protons here as they are a subject all of their own, but protons exist in 158 different states and some of them are nasty customers to deal with if one was a sub-particle.

    It is a strange, and frankly a made up name to portray what is a little known particle of pre-matter that is neither an ULTIMATONS or is it electrical in its design. It carries a valence of minus one but is not attracted to electrical matter or does it work well in a gravity field because it is almost entirely a super conductor of unimaginable power and proportions.

    We are interested in the BI-FLEX FIBULATOR PARTICLE because it is the mechanism through which the ULTIMATONS in the BALL-LIKE STRUCTURES use to escape the BALL SIGNATURE they ride in through the Havona Space area. The BI-FLEX FIBULATOR PARTICLE is a tree-like structure with a plasma stem and two sprigs coming out of the top of the stem in tree-like symmetry. This particle finds an ULTIMATONS and latches on to it at what we might call the back end of the ULTIMATON. It latches on to the thickest part of the cover on the ULTIMATON and presses down on it something like a human might do with a toy clicker, i.e., hard enough to cause the recoil to force the ULTIMATONS fast forward in a single leap. The BI-FLEX FIBULATOR PARTICLE has to do this a number of times so the ULTIMATON escapes the BALL-LIKE STRUCTURE until it has cleared the ball it arrived in. Once clear of the ball, the ULTIMATON is free to scoot into the Quiescent Space Zone at the edge of huge gravity bodies around Havona. After this is accomplished, the BI-FLEX FIBULATOR PARTICLE is no longer needed and it is reabsorbed into the space of Havona to await another ball to arrive to help the ULTIMATONS leave the transport of their BALL-LIKE THOUGHT FORMS.


    PARTICLE X is a real particle but we are not allowed to name it, or at least use the name spirit gives to it by the Star Students of the Universe. These freemoving particles are everywhere there is space that is permeated with the endowment of time.

    Their work is to tear off the TRANSPORT HULL or SHIELD off the ULTIMATON which is done the following way: Once an ULTIMATON is freed of the BALL-LIKE THOUGHT FORMS, PARTICLE X goes to work to help the ULTIMATON free itself of its energy protection shield we call a TRANSPORT HULL. If one could see pre-matter and look at the HULL, it would appear almost a greyish chocolate brown full of bumps and dimples, not unlike the seed pod of a Kentucky Coffee Tree as to shape and color. These tree pods resemble a closed change purse and are a greyish chocolate brown too and protect the rods of seeds inside until they are ready to germinate.

    PARTICLE X agitates the ULTIMATON by entering the TRANSPORT HULL or SHIELD and synthesizes a high pitch frequency the ULTIMATON reacts to by stripping the inner liner around the Plasma Rods into shreds, and so PARTICLE X then slices a small portion of the TRANSPORT HULL of for itself, moves inside the portion it cut off, and then climbs into the ULTIMATON’s back part where the clip was taken, and rides to the SPACE IDENTIFICATION zone to be released by the Unqualified Absolute by a process known as SPACE EXTENSION, which is not further identified in the Paper. PARTICLE X is not released from the ULTIMATON once it helps to remove the Transport Hull, as the Particle now burrows into the back section and appends itself to become a tachyon that is used as a rudder to guide and move in any direction the ULTIMATON is commanded to go.

    Of all that has been describe before, this entry point we call The HOLLOW WAY ENTRY POINT (and it is a made up name to prevent Censorship) can be explained as a function of the DEITY ABSOLUTE. Students of the Urantia text know this term, but the general public has never had to use it, the DEITY ABSOLUTE is one of the seven Absolutes of Infinity which we need to explain just a little further.

    The DEITY ABSOLUTE forms possibilities for life everywhere there is life in the universe regardless of the type of life to be installed or planted or evolved. The DEITY ABSOLUTE carries universe concerns on his back although as a potential Deity, he is not now contactable by humans or even by spirit except in rare cases where the attitude of this Deity of Spirit Potentials must be known for the design of an apparatus that would carry people deep into space from any particular planet. Urantians who like UFO stories will someday be told about the landing of craft on Urantia one day even before ancient history was recorded, and even before all of the Midwayers existed, and who were summarily dismissed by the DEITY ABSOLUTE for breaking the rules of non- conformity to universe protocols and rules. That landing party were seized by the Agents of the Uversa Ancients of Days and imprisoned to this day as morontia beings of potential ascension when eventually released.

    While the DEITY ABSOLUTE is enshrouded in mystery (as is the Unqualified Absolute discussed above and it may be said to be true for the other five Absolutes of Infinity), it is a clever Deity and operates on all levels of space excluding the four outer space zones and that which lies beyond them. The DEITY ABSOLUTE is very active in the seven Superuniverses of time and space and works to better our own planet through broadcasts that will eventually permeate the Urantia atmosphere on a daily basis likely in a few years from now. Beyond that we exceed the need to speak of the Deity Potentials except to inform the student that it is the DEITY ABSOLUTE that insists that the TIME DEITIES install this thing called a HOLLOW WAY ENTRY POINT to safely provide dispersion of ULTIMATONS into the Superuniverses.

    The HOLLOW WAY ENTRY POINT lies just outside of the Space Identification Zone. When a mated pair of ULTIMATONS is released from the ball thought forms and gets passed on by the space identification zone, the mated pair of ULTIMATONS enter The HOLLOW WAY ENTRY POINT, which is a space area that never closes around anything.

    Since those on Urantia do not understand space very much at all, it is known in spirit that normal space closes around an object (like a planet, star, and other objects including sub-particles) to set its location in space. The stretching of space by the presence of tremendous linear gravity forces was predicted by Alfred Einstein in the early twentieth century, and it is true what he said, but for the obscure reason that space itself is elastic and is thicker or thinner in areas where gravity has pulled at the space fabric, some adjustment of understanding must occur to obtain space insight. If this phenomenon of space folding was not active, space would bounce objects off each other like a trampoline bounces people back into the air when jumping on it. Stars would also pull planets into them and then bounce them off. Normal space folding around the star and the planets serves as a serious anchor and buffer to wandering planets and stars and greatly reduces collisions.

    However, The HOLLOW WAY ENTRY POINT is different from normal space. It does not fold objects or paint itself around matter like normal space does to objects in it. Its work is to absorb the mated pair of ULTIMATONS just out of Havona and dissipate the horrible heat the ULTIMATONS carry into time. ULTIMATONS at this stage and before they go through The HOLLOW WAY ENTRY POINT, are at the electronic boiling point (35 million degrees Fahrenheit)*.

    *Urantia Text: (463.12) 41:7.12 You might try to visualize 35,000,000 degrees of heat, in association with certain gravity pressures, as the electronic boiling point.

    Here in The HOLLOW WAY ENTRY POINT the heat is transferred to another sector of space found just beneath the capitals of each Superuniverse, where there is a profusion of hot suns and other matter at or near the electronic boiling point, and this heat is taken from the ULTIMATONS and placed where it can do the most good in the formation of other suns and planets.

    The SELF DESTRUCTION OF ULTIMATONS is rare but it happens. Many time when an ULTIMATONS leaves the BALL-LIKE THOUGHT STRUCTURE it used to come through HAVONA SPACE, something happens that confuses the process at the SPACE IDENTIFICATION zone and it holds back ULTIMATONS that are perfectly okay to run through the identification zone. When ULTIMATONS are set aside for PREDISPOSED ACCELERATION, some of the ULTIMATONS decide to end their existence as ULTIMATONS and go back to Havona as unknown energy type not ever seen on this side of Havona. The student needs to remember the blue rods of plasma contain the Father's Will and that Will has a definite objective in mind for that ULTIMATON. When a crisis of Space Identification impinges on some ULTIMATONS, they become self-destructive. Some decide they must leave and just evaporate as they transfer their essence back into the Havona stream of vector forces we sometimes call a force field.

    The idea of SPACE HABITATION intrigues the science of Urantia because it seems to suggest there is an honorable discharge of plasma every time quanta exists from some material change of state. Quanta never comes without a price to an atom or sub-particle in space, because space is neutrally condensed around objects of any size, even sizes below the atom itself. Space itself is entirely neutral about what comes to be in it. Space rides a continuum in which there is no involvement of anything except what happens to condition its existence at any particular place in the Master Universe. Our studies on Uversa suggest that the house of cards that Einstein built was excellent, but of cards it was constructed, for like card houses its weakness is that it carries this kind of speculation hopelessly into the realm of periodic examination by those less qualified to make adjustments to the Special Theory of Relativity (STR), and the coherency of the STR falls apart. If let alone, Special Theory of Relativity stands as a beacon of supreme human abilities transferred to the level of mota.

    In the STR, we learn that space can combine itself into various layers of probabilities, and that those probabilities can be, or almost, be infinite by calculating the number of stars expected to exist in one area of space as opposed to another area of space with its number of stars. When we subtract to get the difference, the difference indicates a probability of some degree that the lesser area of stars is better built than the area with the greater number of stars is built.

    This has to be refuted because it now stands there are too many stars to count and that no area of space is worse or better built than another area of space. We have the records to prove that, and we intend to prove that when the Magisterial Mission is accepted by people on Urantia who have the credentials to understand the calculations we will make available as to how stars and other matter become one amazing unit of gravity acting in the Master Universe over a nearly infinite plane of a continuum stretching over 400 trillion, trillion, light years as the size of the universe currently stands.

    This type of ULTIMATON is never quite understood on the higher status spheres of spirit below the level of Havona Space zones. This ULTIMATON is what pervades the atmosphere of planets like Urantia. In a HYDROLYZED PLANETARY ULTIMATON, the rods are not just blue, but they are tinted with a yellow fringe that makes them hard to determine how they are to be utilized for building matter. In our survey of the university worlds of Havona, we determined that no HYDROLYZED PLANETARY ULTIMATON was ever noted before the appearance of the specialized architectural sphere of Jerusem. The Satania System of over 619 inhabited planets with Jerusem as the central capital headquarter sphere, is not known for any specialized allowance for ULTIMATON uses, but we note that Urantia in particular has trillions of these unusual ULTIMATONS in abundance in its atmosphere and in its core deep within the earth. Why the yellow fringed blue rods are present is unknown even to Master Spirit Seven (AYA), and we can only conjecture the reasons may have to do with Satania being the future host of the architectural sphere now known as Urantia, and perhaps later on, to be renamed with the universe language meaning “planet of lavish mercy and school of heartless remedy”.

    This concludes the glossary.


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    We now provide an illustration of the process about how ULTIMATONS escape Havona to become builders of atoms of time and absonity

    Ultimaton Stage 2


    Ultimaton Cross-Section


    Illustration of ULTIMATONS Moving from Quiescent Space Zone and Through the Space Attribution Area Just Before Entering The Hollow Way Entry Point Where Heat Is Stripped from the ULTIMATON’s Heat Shield

    Ultimaton moving


    ULTIMATONS Residing In The Hollow Way Entry Point at Electronic Boiling Point

    Ultimaton hollow way


    Once the Hollow Way Entry Point is mobilized to move the heat from the new ULTIMATONS to the Superuniverse worlds of Uversa and others, the ULTIMATONS that have cooled sufficiently are discharged as mated pairs; i.e., each have one string attached to the pairing ULTIMATON making them ready to produce subparticles like an electron or other kind by combining with the right number of like ULTIMATONS.

    The ULTIMATONS that are still boiling and that have reproved themselves for space entry to the Superuniverse level, are discharged to underneath the space of the planets forming the cluster of headquarter worlds in Orvonton for later distribution to the other Superuniverse.

    Uversa (capital of Orvonton) has a space zone underneath it that contains untold trillions of ULTIMATONS which swirl around highly protective gravity bodies sent from Paradise to relieve pressure on Havona to control the tremendous forces emanating out of Uversa at this time. Uversa holds one of the most destructive houses of really mean proton groups including the Proton-D which is an ULTIMATON that has no excuse but to live to destroy black holes.



    Another View of The Process Where ULTIMATONS Are Created on Nether Paradise and Are Moved Through the Trinity, to Havona Space, Into the Quiescent Space Zone, Pass Through the Space Identification (Attribution) Area, and Enter the Heat Stripping Area Called the Hollow Way Entry Point, and released Into the Time Zone

    Ultimaton hollow way Drawing By: Jimmy Sanchez


  • 1 - Hollow Way Entry Point on the right removes heat and also strips ULTIMATONS of their Space Shield which is different from their Energy Shield which they retain in time.
  • 2 - In the Space Attribution zone, two Particles join the ULTIMATONS passing through.
  • 3 - Particle X enters the ULTIMATON through its Transport Shield and lodges itself in the tail to become a vector force to direct the ULTIMATON in its motions in time space.
  • 4 - Particle Y enters only ULTIMATONS with RED RODS and is the agent which sends them back to the Havona Space area. Only blue rodded ULTIMATONS are allowed in time although occasionally an ULTIMATON with one blue rod and one red rod is sent to time for unknown reasons.
  • 5 - The BI-FLEX FIBULATOR (spelled as “Biway” fibulator in the drawing in error) resides in the Space Identification Zone to parcel out those who can proceed to time and those which must be rejected and sent back or to receive Trinity space identification passes.
  • 6- The Ball-Like formations are irregular in shape, perhaps call them lumpy in appearance and when they reach the Quiescent Space Zone, they begin to disintegrate (the yellow-green masses in the drawing), and ULTIMATONS start to drop out from the front and emptying to the back.
  • 7 - At the left of the drawing is depicted the action of the Unqualified Absolute in concert with the DEITY ABSOLUTE by forcing nascent ULTIMATONS into Havona Space, and the Trinity retrieving them and placing an identity stamp on each ULTIMATON and to pass the identified ULTIMATON back into Havona Space. They travel in ball-like formations of trillions of ULTIMATONS in each ball-like thought bubble provided by the Infinite Spirit.


    Illustration of Two Types of ULTIMATONS with Their Strings Shown Wrapping Around the Interior Plasma Rods.

    Ultimaton hollow way Drawing By: Jimmy Sanchez

    An extremely rare-type of ULTIMATON is the red-blue rod indwelt ULTIMATON. It remains a Trinity secret placed in time-space for unknown reasons, and exists in proportion to other types of ULTIMATONS by about 0.8% (eight-tenths of one percent) in occurrence.


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    Conveyances of ULTIMATONS to Space

    ULTIMATONS have several different kinds of conveyances they use to move from one point in the universe to another point in the universe. We will discuss several here, but there are two dozen or more we dare not get into at this stage of development of ULTIMATONS usages on Urantia.

    • We will write several of them out for the student at this point, but drawings are much more effective to show what is going on with the ULTIMATON conveyance for people to grasp the concept of motion better in space.


    • DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PUSH AND SHOVE AND A MOTION TO MOVE IN A CONVEYANCE • The difference between a conveyance and a push or shove is huge as we now wish to discuss more than a push or shove regarding how ULTIMATONS gain locomotion in the universe. When we say “locomotion” we mean the purposive decision from someone from somewhere to move ULTIMATONS out of one place to another. A push or a shove merely relocates an ULTIMATONSby accident or by design but does not entail any direct action by Deity to do it.


    • The ULTIMATON remains elusive to all subjects in time-space. It carries the signature of the DEITY ABSOLUTE and is moved by the Father himself unless he agrees to have someone else do it for him, and that is usually the Conjoint Actor, which is a name given to the Infinite Spirit when the Infinite Spirit is asked by some Deity union to do the work for them. The Deity union between the Unqualified Absolute and the Deity Absolute, is the union which originates and designs the ULTIMATONS for space use. Once they are safely in the Superuniverses, the Deity union of The Supreme Almighty and the Universal Father is in control.
    • Both the Deity Absolute and the Unqualified Absolute use force-energy transport for their joint ULTIMATONS creation into viable units of energy, and they do it through a force emission known as Ultimata on Paradise, and here in the Seventh Superuniverse, it is called Legato. Legato is known only on Paradise, but it is used to power force fields as the scribe likes to refer to the sightless sense of pressure outward that press everything before it or block anything from moving into it. That indeed is this type of force field, and we will continue to use that definition for it is clearly stated here.
    • LEGATO AND ULTIMATA ARE THE SAME FORCE EMISSION BUT ABSOLUTA IS AN OPPOSITE FORCE Legato can be buried in time but it is not avoidable on Paradise and must be met with its opposite force, which on Paradise is called Absoluta, which can tear a hole in Ultimatum if the force in Absolutum is set higher than the power of the force field. Ultimatum carries a negative charge while Absolutum carries a slight positive charge with an emphasis on the word “slight”. Absolutum carries a slight positive charge as it centers on Paradise which is also charge slightly with a positive current in order to portend the age of the Absolute when it, Paradise, becomes the core of a universe expanded to unlimited space conditions but without a lot of other matter appended to it. Absolutum carries a slight positive charge in recognition of its space duty which is to counteract Ultimatum so that it does not become insulated from other space actions.


    • Ultimata is of a type of pressure that allows nothing to stand in its way, and it does not permit anything or anyone to move against it unless the power of Absoluta is applied to the frontal pressure vortex. In a force field, a pressure vortex is that front part of the wave that subtends an arc of gradual pressure placed from behind by the action of the Deity Absolute. When the Deity Absolute determines the need is great for more ULTIMATONS, it releases the vectors necessary for the Unqualified Absolute to deposit materialization crumbs into the vectors it created and it is these “crumbs” that evolve into individual pre-matter ULTIMATONS. These “crumbs” are hardly matter (and not even pre-matter, but seeds for pre-matter), but they are force-potency regularized by the Deity Absolute for germination (for later materialization eventualities) in time.
    • ADJUSTMENT OF SPACE DIFFICULTIES SUCH AS FALLING PRESSURE AFFECTING ULTIMATONS DISTRIBUTION In our estimation, there are four different types of force fields on Paradise used by the Trinity, and this is the one just to produce and transport ULTIMATONS. Force fields that contain space potency patterns (ULTIMATONS are not material patterns either but are produced from a pattern) are released regularly by the Unqualified Absolute to determine degrees of space pressure. The Frandalanks measure space pressure in time and they are familiar with the Trinity and all of the Absolutes of Paradise. When Frandalanks record space pressure to be falling, they requisition other Frandalanks and together they call on the Creator Son to inform the Deity Absolute. In turn, Deity Absolute may wish to obtain the Universal Absolute in attendance for pressure rectification and adjustment to the expansion of space beyond its fringes outside of the fifth outer space level. Since the Universal Absolute is the infinity response for the need to balance life and matter for a future and all-but-infinite universe, the Universal Absolute must inform all members of the Seven Absolutes contributing to the Circle of Infinity now at work on Paradise. ULTIMATONS are especially subject to space pressures less than one cubic foot per centimeter of expanded space. Below this level, ULTIMATONS cluster and form frigid masses of protons that are nearly impossible to break up.
    • THE DEITY ABSOLUTE AND ITS ROLE IN ULTIMATON PRODUCTION Absoluta, or as sometimes used, Absolutum, is a primal force of the Unqualified Absolute, and as such, depends on the presence of the Unqualified Absolute to join with other Absolutes as the nature of the problem dictates. Filling space with matter is no easy task, as it now includes the Deities of the Supreme, the Ultimate, and the Absolute, which in turn are preliminary to the appearance of the Father Infinite. In our opinion the Deity Absolute holds the key to how the universe will unfold in the future, for it is known that God the Absolute (not to be confused with the Deity Absolute as so many do), is not a predetermined Deity as to stature or stability for this would exercise a lack of toleration of sub-infinite systems of creation that would be too brittle to allow an infinite or “almost” infinite universe to appear. Since the Deity Absolute is neither with credentials as to that which this Absolute evolves into,we deduce that the Deity Absolute becomes God the Absolute when the Father Infinite personalizes all aspects of absonity and ultimacy through the rectification of the Master Universe into an infinite plane of existence replete with experience.