The Sub-Particle Dramas and Disasters in Matter
Revelations About The Sub-Particles Found On URANTIA

Dated: January 22, 2015

Science and Revelation Working Together To Create Human Understanding


This is Rayson. I am the Science Director for the Magisterial Mission, and I allow a work done with the Scribe, as we call him on High, who participates in producing information for all of you to this web site, is owned and operated by the Magisterial Foundation, a wholly owned and functioning Foundation on behalf of the Magisterial Son and his co-workers for the divine mission to Urantia, which includes Machiventa Melchizedek and Michael of Nebadon, and a vast array of spirit personalities none of you will ever meet for the time beings. Just know that this work you are about to receive is long and it carries many subjects some of you would rather not try to learn, as there are difficulties in portraying what happened to Urantia and how that has caused the atmosphere on Urantia, to become incarcerated on high because it carries subatomic particles not allowed on other inhabited spheres.

In preparing this material, we asked Michael of Nebadon how much leeway we had to produce a document that truly states the case for anti-particles as well as sub-atomic particles, but he denied us the chance to explain anti-particles (not dark matter which is a whole different difficulty for us to explain) at all since he considers the Lucifer rebellion an example of the danger of describing antiparticles to the lay mind. In our estimation, there are only two examples in the known universe of how Lucifer got a hold of the anti-particle that blew up Alpha Centauri into a Super Nova observed on earth in the 16th century.

The Lucifer Rebellion is unknown to almost all of you, and while it has nothing to do with science, the Lucifer Rebellion attempted throw science out the window and relieve your planet of all responsibility of making good changes through scientific invention. The Lucifer Rebellion is not to be discussed on this web site unless, by chance, it has caused science on Urantia more headaches as we attempt to correct the wrongs associated with the Rebellion as done to your science that has made your science tardy and unreliable in your invention capabilities.

In inditing these pages from ; today, but usually working on Mansion World Four, we are happy to report that the document you are about to read is finished enough up here to give it fully to the scribe for his documentation and delivers to a publisher. We affirm that Prentice Hall came to the scribe recently and offered help, although the scribe asks how does one work with mansion world 4 without being on mansion world four? The answer lies in being able to transcribe certain information to publishers in places they have no longer gone to for rich rewards in publishing, and that is in the great houses of publishing like Prentice Hall and many other fine publishers.

In our estimation, this material will become well known within a month of being published because it contains the history of the ultimaton and the work of CERN as we observe it from higher spheres. We give critical analysis of what transpires there, and it must be admitted, we understand very little about why they do things the way the do, as it may become part of a tragedy, if it should blow sky high before any serious work comes from its existence.

Our work in this text is to explain natural occurrences even if we have to slip into the jargon of the Urantia Material itself, for the Urantia Material represents a fully operational revelation containing all the permissions necessary to speak the names, dates, and places we must refer to off the planet you live on. We have received numerous permissions for this text as well, as this text will presage yet another material to be completed sometime in 2016, and that is the appearance of a newly revised Urantia Book, in three Volumes.

Our time here is short. We have been selected to become the Science Officer of the coming Magisterial Mission headed by an Avonal Son who will incarnate. I am not permitted to incarnate, but I will be part of the invisible 100 that surrounds an Avonal Son also known as a Magisterial Son, since he adjudicates the planet as it stands. I will be on Urantia for the next 500 or 600 years or more, as will this scribe as he has been selected to be Chief of Staff for the 144 human beings who have also been selected for staff positions.

In offering this introduction to a very complex history of Sub-particles ;and anti-particles about which we may say little, our work must be continuously updated because changes on your planet, and changes at CERN , and really awkward changes on our side as we review the history of this planet, all must be compiled up to the latest when these words are turned over to a publisher.

Worlds abound like yours, but few of them get the attention Urantia gets. This is because there are two sides to your planet that have never been reconciled. In one instance, the world wars have devastated everything the world has attempted to build as lasting. In the second instance, the world never tries harder than when it faces disaster and devastation as all have seen in the recent years of history on Urantia.

We are Rayson, and we indite these words as part of our revelation of science to Urantia, with the help of this web site and with the help of the scribe who writes these words for us.

The Chief Science Officer of the Urantia Magisterial Mission
From Constellation Headquarters, known as Edentia throughout this Local Universe called Nebadon