The Planetary Changes To Land Mass and Seas
Dated: January 22, 2015


I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I have been asked to review for this web site those areas of the world most threatened by the changes to the tectonic plates and by volcanic action during the years 2015 through 2027.

This report is modest compared to what information we do have on file, but we have enough information to provide the reader much information not yet available elsewhere.

I will divide the world up into quadrants, starting first with North America, and then South America, and so on.



North America can be divided into four quadrants: East, West, North, and South. We will deal with the South quadrant first.

  • North America, United States, will have upheavals primarily of volcanic design mostly from South Carolina, southward, to the Florida Everglades.

  • Also, North America, will have its southern flank next to the Rio Grande, cut off by the invasion of the sea itself. That will fill the river valley completely, and inundate at least one million acres along its way. North America will have twelve different divisions that will be overseen by various Melchizedek incarnations, and several more that will have no oversight, because there is no longer any need to give attention toland masses in various important locations described to you in the following that has will have been overrun by the Pacific Ocean to describe to you next.

  • Western United States, will have most of its present real estate placed under water for at least the next millennium. That is because the Grand Tetons are under immense pressure to collapse under the weight of all the overdraft of stone and magma placed there about two hundred thousand years ago, by a spectacular eruption seen even from space. That eruption created the Sounds in Oregon and Washington States, and thereby has produced an invaluable insight into the core of the planet that has never really cooled sufficiently to produce a stable northern magnetic area to which man could reference magnetic north.

  • In looking at the western United States, one has to understand that it contains rich farm land and lakes of splendor and beauty. Most of it will be destroyed as Mt. Saint Helens, will explode and reduce itself to a small bump on the landscape when all of this is finished in 2025 or later.

  • In the western most capitals of California and Oregon and Washington, there will be little land left above sea level. This is because the tectonic plates, especially that of the Pacific Plate, will subside now, rather than slide under the North American Plate. This happens because the Power Directors are moving to place all of the land that can be, held above water and   making sure that the Pacific Plate now moves horizontal to the North American Plate, instead of perpendicular to the North American Plate.

  • Our work is to place the North American Plate, so that is running parallel to the Pacific Plate, but that requires realignment with the North American Plate situated in eastern Canada, and for that reason, the Canadian Plate mentioned here will fall down and be displaced by sea water up the Saint Lawrence Seaway and into Chicago.

  • Chicago will become a no-man’s land, because it will lose its ability to perch on the southern shores of Lake Michigan and keep its nose above water. A giant lake will form south of Chicago, in the Mississippi Valley, and this lake will extend from Missouri to southern Idaho and east and west of a center line through Chicago 50 miles both ways. It will inundate Lake Huron, and Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Lake Michigan and Lake Superior will have a problem being kept separate, but in most cases their present outlines will be visible yet, and the land north of Chicago will remain dry and habitable.

  • North of Chicago to the east is another story. Ohio will be inundated to the point the Ohio River and the Wabash Rivers join the Mississippi in Illinois. Almost all land between Lake Erie and Lake Huron to the east will be inundated for about 30 miles east of their basins. Niagara Falls will fill up and flow as one stream into the sea through the flooded Saint Lawrence River.

  • The Eastern United States will come under heavy pressure from the Atlantic Ocean, and that is because the Atlantic Ocean’s Mid-Atlantic Ridge faults will open up briefly and spew tectonic-changing magma to its west and to its east. This will create tidal waves toward Europe, South America, and into the New England’s southern U.S.coastlines. of the United States. No one will be safe from these tectonic changes, including eastern tidal basins from Maine to New York, to Philadelphia, to Raleigh and South southward. Florida will not stay above water for most of this millennium a, but it is forecast to arise again as a sub-culture of bees and fauna because it will remain a swamp for a near eternity.


    Europe has problems even worse than the United States.

    • The Eur-Asian continent now stretches from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, and south to Spain and northern Africa. Africa will stay above water south of the present Saharan Desert, and north of that line it will be dotted with islands and that will cool and make temperate what is now Saudi Arabia and other desert monarchies as they presently exist.

    • Spain and the Euro-countries of Great Britain and northern France, all will experience inundation to the point much of their countries are nearly uninhabitable. Central regions of Spain will fill with water, and the Pyrenees will become inundated until they are just islands anymore. The land as it is presently used is raised up above sea level because it has a tectonic plate that has no leverage in it, and as soon as the Eur-Asian Plate, called by different names, moves up against it to brace itself from the mid-Atlantic Ridge Plate expanding eastward and southward along the underwater peaks, and this will force the Spanish mainland to experience a full collapse within and much water will rush in to make it a mostly habitable series of islands for millennia.

    • Northern Europe is in great danger. It will collapse into the sea from northern Russian and the Baltic Countries as well as Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Some peaks may emerge, but little will stay above the water line due to the fact there is NO TECTONIC Plate under this land mass, and it is kept afloat by a congregation of ice-age debris of forest timber and masses of dead carcasses that man will be able to study once the ice disappears in these regions.

    • Siberia, and the land mass clear across the Isthmus to Alaska, will be utterly changed and all will go under the sea except for a small tip of the Alaskan Peninsula famous for its Kodiak Bears. Siberia is rich in furs and oil and even diamonds (if they knew where to look), but it has proven to be mostly wasted for human existence due to its cold climate and inhospitable insect population. Both Alaska and Siberia, for the most part will no longer exist as vast, empty lands, but will become more hospitable with what is left above sea level. Western Canada, where it abuts Alaska, will remain above sea level. America will lose over 1/10th of its inhabitable land areas with this inundation alone. Prudhoe Bay, the oil producing region for North America, will stay in production as it sits on a different fault line and will continue unabated until The Magisterial Foundation approves the discovery and use of Ultimatonic propulsion to replace oil for combustion engines.

    • Siberia holds the world’s largest population of tigers. Siberian tigers are famous in spirit since they have no problem tracking a human and eating them. Our work for these populations is to save them and train them to live in a warmer climate. That will change evolution to some degree, but we forecast that the Siberian tiger will continue to live in the northern areas of the safe world, as far as we are concerned, forever.

    • The Balkans will remain unscathed, except for Hungary and the two Czechoslovak countries, for both will feel the Danube rise to unprecedented proportions and it will flood all the valleys and constructions it passes through. Germany will be inundated up the Rhine River Valley to Heidelberg and other large cities. Germany will also experience coastal flooding unprecedented for it in its long history with its battle to keep the sea out. The Netherlands, including Belgium, will flood almost entirely and most of the Dutch and Flanders civilizations will be gone.

    • In most of Western Europe, the Euro will still be prized and used in our opinion. Currencies are to be used as they are, but in our estimation, the U.S. Dollar will not falter to the point that it will be accepted in Europe or Asia, as the United States will refloat its debt and become a prized economic bastion of safety and harmony, since it is in the United States, that the Magisterial Mission will headquarter itself for a millennium a of time. The Magisterial Mission and The Magisterial Bank, will become a mainstay of protection for world affairs for tens of hundreds of years into the future.



    In China, as they say, there are two choices:
    1) Give back what you plundered from the land; or,
    2) Give back what you can for the most of what you plundered from the land will go into the sea forever more.

    • China will have its back broken by the sea. The mainland Chinese are used to the protection of its vast interior Fatherland. Economic production will be curtailed because the Chinese cannot maintain the present rate of economic expansion as their population will drop to under one billion persons by 2028, and will not expand further than one billion under the most pleasant aspects of these changes. China has too many people, as does most of the rest of the world, and China may soon learn that population expansion is nothing in trouble compared to the trouble of an encroaching Yellow Sea into their front and back yards due to collapse of the tectonic plate that also supports the Japanese mainland and their Island Nation. Japan will suffer greatly and its civilization, much like the Dutch in Europe, and the Polynesians in the Pacific, will be decimated until very few of those cultures are left on Urantia.

    • China develops great works in the areas of agriculture and in the business of mining minerals and rare earths; however, it also takes great pains to be sure it will not support any representative government at the national level. Formosa will survive, and Formosa will provide the institutional support for China to rebuild itself in the form of governments that truly represents the people.

    • In looking at the effects of tectonic plate shifts on this planet, be aware that China sports one of the few massive dams ever built on Urantia. Three Gorges Dam is huge and it provide power for nearly two billion people in our estimation. Unfortunately the Yangtze is unstable as it flows across three known tectonic plates we who are in spirit are familiar with on Urantia. It is entirely possible that the Yangtze may change course and refuse to flow through the Three Gorges Dam, and if that is the case, flooding of unusually severe consequences will overtake areas of China that are the most highly industrialized in the world.



    Nothing on Urantia is more bizarre than Australia to our anthropologists in spirit. It contains flora and fauna not seen on inhabited planets for many millennia of evolutionary changes. In the System of Satania, to which your planet administratively belongs, there are only four planets that have any of what Urantia has in plenty. Consider that your planetary system of inhabited planets has over 620 inhabited planets much like Urantia, but Urantia stands alone with the kangaroo and the platypus. No other inhabited planet anywhere has these unusual animals. They will be protected by spirit although their numbers must diminish as the land is going to diminish greatly in certain places in Australia.

    • Australia’s northern coast line where most of the Great Barrier Reef is located to the eastern and central areas of Australian coastline, will be crushed by ice. The ice of the southern hemisphere will break loose probably sometime around 2035, and then force the coastlines of southern South America as well as the northern coastlines of Australia, to take on millions of tons of melting ice. This ice will not dissipate as many think in your sciences, and that is because another ice age is looming for Urantia in both the northern and southern hemispheres. However, the present ice caps will flow outward to another location not yet revealed to us as your administrators on Urantia. We suspect that Oklahoma in the United States will discharge so much magma into the atmosphere, along with tremendous amounts of ash and dust that Urantia will establish itself as one of the coldest planets in the Satania System with but one exception, and that is the frozen moon Phoebus found around one of your solar system’s large planets..

    • When the ice age occurs, probably beginning in or around 2025, the planet will retract in population to the point there will only be one or two billion people left anywhere. China’s population will drop to about three hundred million and the North American population will fall to less than fifty million for the continental United States and Canada combined.

    • Mexico, like Australia, will be mostly covered over by the sea in its northern coastline, and while no ice age will bother Mexico, it will tear Australia apart by forcing the ocean into the interior of Australia, over covering central regions to a depth of 1 mile in places, and the water pressure in central Australia will buckle the tectonic plate beneath it and it will collapse allowing huge amounts of the sea to infiltrate all water supplies and maintenance of storm and sewage controls.

    • The government of Australia, by necessity, will have to circle the wagons when all this starts, as it will move quickly from about 2025 through 2035, and then suddenly it will be done and stability returns to the mainland. Australia’s islands to the east and west will disappear forever.



    Central America even today has to fight to keep above sea level except where the spine of mountains moves down out of North America into Chile and south. Guatemala will be destroyed, and so will Belize, and Nicaragua and Panama will be cut in half, while the Panama Canal will still be able to transport ships across from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It is probable that the United States may have to resume administration of the Panama Canal until the nations in Central America learn to distribute the wealth earned from the passage of ships through the Panama Canal.

    Nicaragua in particular will continue to have a rebel problem, as the poor natives of Central American and south central South America, will infiltrate the remaining jungle seeking to establish a new homeland. Nicaragua will have to be policed by the world government that is planned by the Magisterial Foundation to sponsor and bring into existence. The Magisterial Foundation, will police many lands under a mandate from the United Nations, which will favor establishing a new Constitution of the United Nations for all its members to benefit from.



    South America, once poor and decimated under colonial rule, has emerged as an economic power house in the early years of the first decades of the twenty-first century. Alas, some of this will be destroyed by tectonic plates beneath South America. Most of Chile will disappear beneath the sea, and much of Venezuela will crack in two-- half will go into the sea with all of its oil production gone to the bottom of the Pacific. Oil production is Saudi Arabia is nearly over, as the tectonic plates that underlie that kingdom will dissipate under the pressure of magma that will flood the oil fields since the Kingdom has pumped the ocean of oil beneath its lands almost empty, and the magma will fill in the empty spaces. Venezuela has done the same thing in its oil fields and magma will ooze into the fields and destroy most of its productions. Argentina will have its southern lands disappear under ice and a spreading Antarctic Ocean Sea full of ice and slivers of ice from its mainland rivers that will flow red with fire and brimstone until the breach beneath Argentina is filled with cooling magma and brimstone.

    • Ecuador and Paraguay and other small countries in the interior of South America will be free of these dangers for the most part and may celebrate their reserves of water and soil as a massive reconstitution of wealth in that part of the world.

    • Brazil will be decimated from all four corners of its physical existence, for the sea will fill up through the Amazon Basin clear to its westernmost extent and trickle back out to the Pacific once more. From the south of Brazil will come swarms of people escaping the brimstone in Argentina and its own southern fringe of lands perched over the huge caldera that is unknown to science today that exists from Argentina to almost the Amazon estuary, as it is a left over feature of the Paleozoic Era when Brazil was a flat swamp as far as the eye could see. Only the discharge of the Amazon Basin saved Brazil from sinking into the Atlantic, since so much erosion took place in western Brazil, it could hardly keep a hill above sea level until the second ice age commenced nearly one million years ago.

    • Colorado, in the western part of the United States had a similar history like to Brazil, as it too was a barren low-lying plain, until the first ice age destroyed the early mountains that arose in southern Indiana and lasted for nearly four million years before the second ice age broke them down and gouged out the Great Lakes.

    • In South America, the heat from the jungles along the Equator tore down ice floes before they could erode central Brazil, but in the century of early discoveries of Central America by the Columbus expeditions, ice was still stuck in backwater of the Amazon River, and it was never discovered until Albert Switzer, discovered an Amazon back water so cold he could not even put his foot into it without feeling a lot of pain. Such back waters have disappeared today, but they will reappear in about two hundred years when the new ice age determines its boundaries and lends its ice floes to even tropical paradises like central and northern Brazil will continue to have once humans stop chopping down the forest.



    This area shall be totally decimated. Cuba will go entirely beneath the sea. So will most of the Caribbean Islands including Tobago, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, The Bahamas, and many more well known to you. This area of the world resulted as a collision between Africa tens of millions of years ago, and the islands are the remains of what once was a large continent that grew between Jamaica and Trinidad-Tobago.

    This continent was part of Pangaea, and while it grew well under the near-tropical sun, it never flourished as North America could or South America could, as it was not large enough to be a continental power of weather and rainfall. Tornadoes were so common on this lost continent, that one could find one daily upon it. It never had enough rainfall and consequently it remained barren except for sea monsters yet to be discovered as their fossils by your science. This continent finally gave up the ghost and dove beneath the sea when, sixty five million years ago, it was struck by the giant asteroid, that science has determined has ended the life of dinosaurs on Urantia. But that is not quite true, and although we have permission to tell you what really happened to the dinosaurs, they did not die off for another ten million years, and then climate had so changed, that the horrible lizards died of starvation, and not of fire and brimstone as depicted in your video fantasies.



    Africa is indeed the lost continent. It has all of the niceties of other continents, but it could never climb out of its poor development due to racial tensions and racial genocide. Africa will be regenerated by The Magisterial Foundation. The Magisterial Foundation will benefit millions in Africa to preserve the remnants of the Indigo race and to promote the rise of Homo Spiritus, a new species of man that will originate in Europe and the present United States. This species is already being born into the human race of Homo sapiens, but it will not be recognized for decades until your sciences recognize the importance of genetics. Then there will be sudden discoveries of this new species occurring almost everywhere. Africa will continue to decline, but it will become a continent where the wildness of pre-history will be allowed to return and studies of animals and other species unknown to you just yet arise. Evolution will not stop and it will be magnified by the return of the Magisterial Son’s guests from on high, the magnificent pair of genetic progenitors, the fabled Adam and Eve, real humans of that name who lived over thirty-seven thousand years ago in the fabled Garden of Eden, located off the Turkey Turkish coast some distance from Cyprus, but which sank when the Mediterranean Sea floor buckled, killing all in the valley some thirty-five thousand years ago. Nothing remains of that civilization except some charred building columns not yet discovered by Urantia Book explorers or others who think they knew the secret of where they were located. In future years the original Garden will be relocated, and the mystery solved, but so far no one has found the wreckage of their homes and placements including the Temple to the Universal Father, whom they adored and made available to the aborigines then plentiful in that area of the world.

    The great African rift valley will fill with sea water. The Suez Canal will be unnecessary anymore for the Arabian Sea will fill what is now the Nile Delta and lands far into the area known as the Golan Heights in approximately western Syria. Saudi Arabia will be a sliver of land representing most of Riyadh today and little more. Yemen will be inundated into a sand bar left over from the present era, and it will show slight above sea level because it sits on a tectonic plate that has not buckled in ten million years. Iran and the Straits of Hormuz will be deeply buried under the silt of past Irans because earthquakes of tremendous strength will continue to rock the country for decades and few buildings can withstand the strength or power of what is coming in this area. The Arabian Sea will extend a foot into southern Iran as well.

    Victoria Falls will continue to thunder into the abyss, but its water flow will be more restricted as the Zimbabwe River system will default and flow, for the most part further east than the falls are currently located. A few smaller rivers will continue to provide Victoria Falls a splendid view for centuries to come. These falls may eventually topple due to drying out, but our forecasts see no such problems for hundreds of years to come.

    Western Africa, in general, will become a desert due to the shifting a air currents to a more northerly location as the Mediterranean basin fills up with more Atlantic Ocean Sea than the current land holdings can keep back, and the Sahara will become a pasture again and it will raise many corps of wheat and oats once more.


    This concludes an over view of the earth changes to date. There will always be changes to these plans as the natural changes due to tectonic plates and shifting magma chambers almost always necessitates changes in the descriptions about what is to happen and where.

    We now wish to acknowledge the authors of this discussion as follows:

    Author Acknowledgments for This Paper:

    Adam and Eve, the Material Son and Daughter of and Salvington , Educators, and reverenced for their knowledge of the animal life on Urantia now and then.

    Machiventa Melchizedek, our Lord of Planetary Planning for Urantia, and known famously as being the Sage of Salem, as he prepared Abraham of Old to accept the Lord God, Most Highs, and in actual fact prepared the tribes of Israel and Africa for the bestowal of Jesus through his teachings of monotheism.

    Michael of Nebadon, who supplied permission to reveal these details now, and reminds all readers that even more detail will be supplied in the new revelations published as the Urantia Book in 2016 or later in three volumes.

    Power Director Five and Seven, who provided the details about the tectonic plates and this history of Brazil that existed more than ten million years ago.

    Ociliaya, Master Spirit Four, the Voice of the Father-Son attributes of Deity, and the sponsor of this Paper on earth changes for the Raysonscience.Org web site.

    Kuwaya, Master Spirit Two, the Voice of the Eternal Son and the Deity Absolute, and who sponsors such Papers when the life on any earth is in grave danger.

    Urantia, The Planetary Supreme; it is she who sponsored the section on the trials of Africa and the hurt that racial strife has caused that continent in its development toward civilization. The Supreme Being is directly involved in the refurbishment of Urantia, and all readers may expect some very mysterious changes to occur as well in the midst of so many collapse and destructions of land and property.

    Urantia’s Midwayers and Imported Midsoniters- It is they who spoke out for recriminations against the scribe for not listening better when we describe the fall of Rome last year, but in this case wrote the section on Siberia, which shall become inundated by the Arctic Ocean to the point it is uninhabitable.