The Power Directors: About The Dim Period
York PA 13:55 EST
13 December 2015

This is Vanatu.  I am part of the Power Director team working in Monmatia.  Ron has alluded to Matthew Lewin’s web site ( where he posts about the coming dim period.  In those posts he refuses to provide much information based on the Urantia Book or other revelation that is present but which he sees not.  He (Matthew Lewin) also suffered a stroke at age 45 and that has harmed his ability to receive.  Now let us cover some of the more difficult aspects of what is to happen.

1  - Never ask a Power Director about their work unless you are vitally interested in what happens to you.  We will see to that answer below.

2  - Never ask a Power Director about the dim period without asking why it has to happen.

3  - Never ask a Power Director why things happen and that we dare not say more than we do.

Okay, here is the “poop” as they say on Urantia:

The Dim period is an actualized tilt on the Urantia axis so as to keep direct rays of the sun from warming the surface of the planet any more.

Your so-called earth warming is not a climate change so much as a heating of the surface from a sun that has gone cracky over its fuel supply, and that fuel supply is diminishing faster than it can replace itself.  The danger in Monmatia is that the fuel supply is radium tridioxide ( sounds: Try Die Oxide ), which is an element unknown on Urantia, but I have Rayson here to help me explain the elemental details of a very complex situation developing in Monmatia because your sun is a quixotic blend of heat and short fuel supplies.  We need not go into why that happens, but it has happened to your sun.

Warmth from the sun is essential to all life on Urantia.  What is not available to your minds is how a sun can get overheated on its own and then blow itself apart when it cannot keep itself a little cooler to keep it from self destruction.  The Monmatia sun is hardly a good example of a good sun, but it does well enough.  In our estimation if your sun were another million miles away, this problem would hardly be noticeable at all.

The dim period coming has to do with us, the Power Directors, tempting fate by removing from your earth core those elements which attract heat from the sun.  Certain metals when condensed heat up instead of cool down, and we are going remove most of them by reconstituting the core metals with a different type of planetary core that has nothing to do with the dim period but has to do how hot your planet can get.

Rayson tells us that your earth core is essentially bismuth and titanium with a lot of ferrous materials thrown in from the rock mantle of Urantia.  In the existing core it is the titanium we want to preserve but not the bismuth and that will be allowed to be done by the Father on Paradise making adjustments to the Urantia gravity to close it off from the gravity currents surrounding the planet.  In our moment of truth here, Ron speaks well as he hears that there are things called gravitons the Father proffers every where there is a need to change gravity.  I am beholden to you Ron for letting us know you know they exist.  Gravitons are made plentiful around Urantia today to change what we have to change.

Vanatu further speaks to the Graviton:

The Graviton is a nucleic acid forming generator Ultimaton.  It is not classified among the Ultimatons you may use for energy.  Your Urantia Book speaks of 100 types of Ultimatons but neglects to mention that there are Ultimatons that are not so classified.  About 100 other types of Ultimatons exist out beyond what was revealed to you.  Ron asks do these unrevealed other 100 Ultimatons build subparticles?  The answer is no, and that is why they were not mentioned in your first Urantia Book.  In doing this Paper with you, we have to shave what we can tell you because most of this subject deals with energy behavior you do not have any clue about.  However we see such astuteness from Ron we can push it just a little.

I am Vanatu, and I now use the team Rayson has assembled to tell you about the coming tribulations on Urantia from our perspective.

RAYSON, a Magisterial Son and Science Officer for the Magisterial Mission
Rayson here: I am now at liberty to talk about his so-called dim period.  It has to do with the tilting of the Urantia axis just enough to deflect the direct rays of the sun on your equator.  It is the equator we must look to to decide why Urantia is heating up so harshly.  Your climate change is not so much a climate changes as it is a healthy resurrection of warmth on Urantia that was at first cooling too rapidly then too slow and now too fast.  In our estimation this is an excellent way to tell all of you that the earth will cool rapidly at first and then suddenly rebloom with the warmth it was supposed to receive in its initial design.  This initial design was to have a heat glow of no more than 85 degrees in summer and no less than 50 degrees in winter, but the winter solstice is approaching and you are at 68 degrees at noon in York, Pennsylvania about 40 degrees too warm for this time of year on Urantia at that latitude (approximately 40 degrees North).  While pleasant, it is unheard of in planetary lore, and it should be removed as quickly as it appears by forcing cold air down into the more southerly latitudes.

I am a Magisterial Son working closely with Vanatu, a Power Director Son you are not revealed to about, but you will be in the new Urantia Book coming shortly to you Ron and then to others through your efforts to make sure it is published and workable.  In our work with you Ron, you carry the enthusiasm we come to expect from others, but right now that is lacking on Urantia and even on your discussion forum for work done in science.  We ask you to submit this Paper to Michel L. for inclusion into the Raysonscience.Org web site when possible.  That aside I now turn you back to Vanatu concerning the repercussions of the DIM PERIOD.

 By: Vanatu, a Power Director Son
 Progeny of Master Spirits Seven and Four and Five

Vanatu speaking:
I am a Power Director Son, and we are personalized by the Master Spirits shown above in the heading to this Section.

I use the Power Director assignments to show how we are useful, and I now step aside briefly for Michael of Nebadon.

Michael of Nebadon - Ron just upset Vanatu by seeking information beyond what he told him and apologizes for doing so.  Mind, we remind all Urantians reading this, is obstructive when it has been clamped down to receive revelation such as Vanatu is speaking to here.  In this case Ron recognizes it is mind and apologizes to Vanatu for letting it loose this way.  We now continue with the lecture.

I am reading a lesson on humility from Ron himself who decides how harsh he is to be on we who reveal to him, but I see he redresses mind in such a way to let bygones be bygones and we work further on this thing called a “dim period.” 

In the work of the Power Directors there are several commotions in Monmatia we have to be very careful to address.  These two areas are about a sun heating up because of a fuel shortage; and two, the problem on Urantia and its planetary core.

The planetary core affects humans directly.  The Monmatia sun does not affect humans now but will unless we cool it and refuel it.  Let us take the “dim period” first and decide what to do about it.

The dim period is without precedence for any planet we deal with and as far as we know there is no other planet in Superuniverse Seven that has been done this way to cool it.  Mostly all we need to do is vent the planet with volcanic activity, but on Urantia there are too few volcanoes to do this easily.  Mount Etna has just erupted on Urantia as we talk here, and that volcano is a pussy cat compared to what will happen in the southern portions of the United States come this January or February of 2017 or 2018.  In our estimation this explosive nature on Urantia is fortunate, but in the case of Georgia and even in New South Wales, the explosive nature of Urantia will cause you to lose your home land, and we are sorrowful for that as humans bond to the areas they are born in.

Extremes of Temperature Change During the Dim Period
We will begin shifting the axis today, meaning we have already started bit by bit and imperceptible except to your most carefully calibrated instruments using gravity to determine their measurements.  In our determination to move slowly, we doubt the dim period will begin much before the last of this year is over.  The dim period will be most evident in the lattitudes that surround the York area, not that we have chosen York at all, but because it will be in the epicenter of what light is to be lost.  York will have a nightfall of from about 4PM to about 10AM via the standard time clock.  Already York experiences nightfall about 430PM and no sun until about 7:15AM this time of year, but that will aerate until York has 18 hours of dark and only 6 hours of a dim and distant sunshine.  For Maine and New Hampshire States in the United States, your daylight will be only about 2 and ½ hours and the chill will be deep and cruel to animals and humans alike.  In Great Britain and northern France, your daylight will be so minimal that you will wonder if you will ever see the sun again, and temperatures, in spite of the warm ocean currents from the equator, will not keep you much warmer than a few degrees of freezing every day for forty to fifty days one the dim period begins.

For York, Pennsylvania, it will not be uncommon, for the coming winter temperatures to be a high of 35 degrees Fahrenheit to a minus twelve (12) degrees over night.  Extremes will occur too and it is possible that York could experience on a few days in the coming February period in the old calendar ways, of a high of about 12 degrees F. and a low of minus thirty (-30 F).  You who only know Celsius will see a minus one hundred sometimes.  These extremes will last until spring in the northern hemisphere, and in the southern hemisphere, Brazil and Venezuela will have temperate climes with highs in the 40's F and lows in the 20's F.  As best we can tell, northern Europe will freeze solid all of its lakes and rivers and most will fish will die until they are replenished from stocks the Mother Spirit has preserved on high.

York, PA., USA, will be slowly thawed come March or April of the old calendar period and will lose much of its deciduous trees except for the oaks and the poplars which originated in such harsh climates during your last ice age.  Tress like the Norway Maples and the other types of maples will not survive because they are so shallow rooted.  Pine trees will survive so long as they have a deep mulch around them.  It is ironic that Ron had his trees removed from the property this summer in order to preserve the landscape better and that he has mulched a line of pines on the west side now protected by a partial fence.  They will survive but barely unless they get more mulch on them.

The temperature plunge in the latitudes that York belongs to, even north and south of that line, will be gradual as people will slowly begin to notice how quickly the sun sets.  Ron correctly points out that the winter solstice this year will not disappear as it does in normal years by increasing daylight going forward, and that it will get darker and darker as the days go on until this March or April.  In other words, the winter solstice for the northern and souther hemispheres will end and summer in South America and southern Africa will no longer blast you as it has done in the past. 

In York, Pennsylvania, the cold will be intense enough to drive the use of electricity to so much more that the power companies cannot keep up.  Three Mile Island, the nuclear power planet located on the Susquehanna River about thirty miles north of where Ron lives at 2709 Sunset Lane in York. Will likely be shut down for lack of new fuel rods in the coming years, as we, the Power Directors, will remove the capacity to use Uranium 235 as a fuel and substitute Uranium 260 in its place.  Science does not understand that 235 is a poor conductor and that 260 is much better and they will not make the change, we will.

The dim period is an axis shift.  We proclaim loudly: THERE IS NO POLARITY SHIFT, or magnetic pole shift whatsoever.  Science will be forced to behave and they will not be permitted to release any information without us being in charge of what they will say.  Science on Urantia is medieval and contemptible and they are going to be found wanting to know more through revelation in the coming years.  Science will learn to feed at the trough of revelators such as Michael of Nebadon and Jesus and many others who transmit these materials to persons such as Matthew Lewin and Ron Besser.

The dim period has been written about extensively by Matthew Lewin and we suggest you go search that site for a lot more information have prepared for him to release.  We also wish Matthew Lewin would pay attention to this site, but he is so encapsulated with those around him he will never see it unless we bludgeon him over the head with reports to him from others that you are picking up his worth and our work which you recognized immediately as kindred to your work Ron [Ron here: Yes, I saw that almost at once and wonder how to bring Matthew into the bigger picture he already participates in but does not recognize.]

Michael Interjects:
In becoming a ward of the State, Ron, you will be brought forth by us.  This is Michael interceding briefly with this Paper, to explain to all that Ron watches fairly well who is doing work with us and who are editorial junkies searching for a mission to participate with us.  I have already indicated that certain treasures will be found by you Ron, but with the exception of Matthew here and the 11:11 group and especially the one who does the transmitting work for Ophelius, there is nothing found further.  You will find one or two soon, but they are small and innocent yet and have no idea of their coming power when brought to York, to work with you.  I return you to Vanatu.

Mother Spirit Inserts a Warning
Our work becomes very difficult because of our problem with revelation on Urantia.  No one but a few recognize its vital importance in the life of a human, and your stations like CNN will be severely curtailed in what they can report.  They just perpetuate problems in your societies in the belief that repeated news blasts about negative happenings does great good, when in fact, it does great harm.  CNBC, MSNBC, FOX News, Al Jazeera America and Mid East. and many, many more news outlets will be curtailed in broadcast time and during the dim period may be taken off the air entirely during the dim period.  News and vital information will be supplied by the Magisterial Son and those who work for him on staff including this one who writes these words for us now.  Local news programs will be monitored and they will be revealed to in order to keep them busy helping the mission instead of hindering it such as the nationwide news feeds to them do at the present time.

VANATU Continues
Our work on Urantia succeeds or fails with the Magisterial Mission, and that some of that success has to come from Members of this discussion forum as well as others who can transmit from the old teaching mission and from the new teaching mission soon to be available to the public as well.  I am Vanatu and I am not used to such grand preparation, and I seek some suslik with Matthew Lewin so he hears of this and is ready to cooperate where he can.

The dim period will last about forty to fifty days or perhaps less depending on how cold we can make the surface of Urantia.  You will no longer have the controversy of climate warming or change but will be blasted by science to heat with solar radiation no longer as the sun will be propelled about four million miles further away from you by this time next year, and the heat problem will disappear forever from the surface of Urantia.

The dim period is historic.  It contains about five hundred years of compressed time into about four or so months to clear Urantia of the heat it accumulated from its past and the future will see so few cars on the road that we conjecture that you Ron will not be complaining about traffic.  Your work Ron requires travel and you will be facilitated by Michael and Serara to continue to use your vehicles to travel all the while watching for cold damage on the roads such as cracked pavements and broken places that are really not repairable without an entirely new reconstruction of such Interstates as you currently use.

Those who come to 2709 Sunset Lane will have heat and useful places to reside around the neighborhood as that neighborhood is excellent for residential living.  York itself will have derelict housing due to the current age of housing in York and the fact that the population will move south to stay out of the harsh cold.  Northern Europe may become a waste land due to the cold and the future infringement of the ocean into its estuaries and rivers and lakes.  Russia will cease to operate well as Siberia is destined to crack its tectonic plate so harshly the Arctic Ocean will rush in to places now considered safe from water incursions forever.  

I am Vanatu, and I thank you Ron for taking the time this morning to take all of this down.  It should be a Flurry, but leave that alone for now.  Good day.

Michael of Nebadon
I wish to interject a couple of things before we close this Paper as it is far more than just a post.

In about four weeks, the Magisterial Son will be awarding Vanatu a prized medal called the Legion of Service, and we congratulate Vanatu for withstanding the heat of Ron’s work when he gets on the trail of something really important.  I also wish for Ron to take it easy over the next few days as he has nothing to do but wait out the changes we promised to him.  In other words he will find the coming solstice quite cheery if we can make it works so well.  In the coming days before the dreaded Christmas period is solidly screwed down on your lives with no escape, I tell all of you that Christmas 2015 will be the last you will ever see of the old ways.  In the United States in particular, Christmas has become hollow and drab in spite of all that is done to decorate it.  Our Urantia will gladly put aside the world of poor Christmas opportunities to worship God and admire the wonderful and inspiring Jesus.  In our work for Urantia, the new calendar will inspire many to thank God for forcing it on you and the rest of the world, as it removes forever what has transpired for millennia and will forever make Urantia joyous to celebrate the true Christmas in a more compassionate way to God and his Administrators.

I wish not to close this Paper without stating that to do a Paper like this requires hours of Ron’s time and his behavior in check so that he does not squelch off the transmission when he gets excited by what we say.  He has done superbly but for a few anxious moments when Vanatu started making remarks Ron knew were fresh off the revelatory boat.  I would not close this without hearing from the Paradise Father.

In about a week from today (today is the 13th of December, 2015), I will have my Son of God, Michael of Nebadon, announce the truth about all who have participated in this luxurious world of goods and goblins, to speak in truth to the population on Urantia, and that will not be through Jesus or what else you may so expect, but I will personally address the world through my Thought Adjusters who will make available to the minds of everyone on Urantia who has a Thought Adjuster, and they will speak loudly and triumphantly that they indwell each and that they expect to be shown respect and heart for the coming period of tribulation.

I close with a sonnet I use to speak to Michael as Jesus and it goes like this:

“In my name proclaim.

“In my name rename.

“In my day on earth as you, announce my Fatherhood.

“In our work, I support you and will always love you.

“Day after day, hold my hand.

“Day after day, send my love.

“In the end, I AM.”

Good day.

That concludes today’s work to all of you.